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Image by Ann

Be Grateful

By Pastor John P. Williams

View the sermon HERE

God wants us as believers to live grateful lives but in order to be grateful its both a skillset and a mindset. If you can get your mind to focus on being grateful then you can make your body start to be grateful. You see if you can think then you should be able to thank.  READ MORE

Image by Etienne Girardet

Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

By Pastor John P. Williams

View the sermon HERE

Webster defines fear as an unpleasant often strong emotion, to be afraid, or reason to be alarmed. I believe that if many of us had to define the year of 2020 with one word we would define it with the word “fear.”  READ MORE

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Becoming a Welcoming Church

A Series from the book by Thom Rainer

Just because you feel welcome doesn’t mean that everyone else does. It takes an honest evaluation of yourself as well as the church to see how welcoming you are and how welcoming the church can be. READ MORE

Image by Jon Sailer

The Church

"Matthew 16:13-19"

What is the church? The church is the bride of Christ, the apple God's eye. It is an invisible institution that exceeds time, crosses over into eternity, and exceeds border of four walls.      READ MORE

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Christian Survey

Grow  Glow  Go

Take this survey to see where you are at in your walk with God. Then at the end of the year retake it to see your progress throughout the year. READ MORE

Image by Leighann Renee

Love Matters

“1 Corinthians 13:1-3”

In 1 Corinthians chapter 12 Paul informs the Corinthian church about the importance of spiritual gifts and their place within the body of Christ. But in 1 Corinthians chapter 13 Paul desires to inform the Corinthian church...READ MORE

Image by Nathan Anderson

The Reward for Giving

“2 Corinthians 9:6-8”

We control the sowing and God controls the harvest. We should never miss an opportunity to sow. The principle of giving doesn’t just apply to the believer.

The seeds we sow are not relegated to a season because it’s always sowing season. The amount that we sow affects the amount that we receive... READ MORE

Image by Franck V.

Do The Right Thing

“Matthew 17:24-27”

Jesus and his disciples have just recently entered into the city of Capernaum. In the opening of this chapter Jesus takes his closest disciples in Peter, James, and John up into the mountain of transfiguration and shows them his glorified state. The experience is so phenomenal that neither of the disciples want to come down out of the mountain. When they return... READ MORE

Image by Ben White

Consider Your Ways

“Haggai 1:1-11”

God uses to prophet Haggai to deliver a word to the remnant of people that have returned from Babylonian captivity. After being in bondage for 70 years about 50,000 Jews have been allowed to return to Jerusalem. In there return to Jerusalem the city is in ruins and everything that was once there has been utterly destroyed. Through the leadership of Ezra... READ MORE

Image by Anna Earl

Tithe & Offering/God & Money

“Genesis 14:14-24, 15:1”

Many people like to argue and state that tithing is no longer necessary because we now live under Grace. They may argue and state that because of grace and since we are no longer under the law there is no reason for us to tithe. But this lesson will inform us... READ MORE

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