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Our History

The Antioch Baptist Church #2 was Established the 3rd Sunday, October 17, 1870 on the William Chatman Plantation by the following persons; Elders Benjamin Perrell, W.H. Harris, Isaac Clouds and Bro. and Sis. Sherman Garrett.


The Church was organized by the following persons; Two (2) Brothers, Joe and Anderson Owens, Sis. Mariah Williams from the Elizabeth Baptist Church of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana and Sis. Nancy Fincher from The Saint John Baptist Church of Mansfield, LA. After the establishment a building committee was formed, which consisted of following persons: Brothers; Joe and Anderson Owens, George Manuel, and Bro. and Sis. Aaron Williams.


Each church building was uniquely constructed.

The first was built of split logs, the second a box house then the third a frame building and the fourth building was built after we moved onto this site. Unfortunately on April 4, 1937 it was completely demolished by a Tornado. The fifth building was assembled, but on August 23, 1962 it was partially torn down to make way for new renovations, which was constructed by the late Rev. H.L. Dickerson of Gloster, LA and the late Rev. G. D. Jackson of Mansfield, LA while under the leadership of the late Rev. W.H. Simon of Pelican, LA. Because of the construction, The 90th Anniversary was held at Antioch’s mother church, Elizabeth Baptist Church of Pleasant Hill, LA. 


In time, Antioch became this brick building that we enjoy Sunday after Sunday. Truly we know with God all things are possible. Ecclesiastes 9:11says; the race is not given to the swift nor strong but to one that endures to the end.


Through fasting and praying relying solely on God for wisdom, understanding and direction Antioch began full time service the first Sunday in November 2008.  In December of 2008 a powerful and spirit filled watch night service was held for the first time at Antioch. 2nd Sunday in April, 2009 marked a new beginning at Antioch with 3 new ministries.

Children’s Church, followed by Women’s morning devotion which began in December of 2009, and Men’s Ministry made its Debut February of 2010.


God is doing so many great things and due to the sacrificial giving and generosity of our officers, members, and Christians friends, from the past and present tremendous improvements have been made to this church. Today we view with pride and pleasure the things that God has blessed Antioch with.


The number of pastors up to this date are 19, 7 were ordained  and 12 were licensed. Reverend Larry W. Cain and Reverend Bradlen J. Holden is the only previous pastors still living. Our present pastor is Rev. John P. Williams. A man after God’s own heart.

Rev. Fredrick Ford and Rev. James Jones has served as our associate ministers.

On Sunday, September 18, 2011 Antioch presented the Initial sermon of Minister Sheryl Scott, the first woman who professed that she was called to minister the word of God. Now serving God through ministering His word is Minister Wanda Sue Scott and Minister Leslie Williams.