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What We Believe

“We Believe”

We the members of the Antioch Baptist Church #2 believe that there is one God who has three different personalities: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that God is the sole Creator of the entire universe and created the frame and foundations of the world by speaking the Word. We believe that God made man in His image and in His likeness, however, after man disobeyed God he fell from his holy state.

We believe that God began his redemptive process by choosing Abraham and making a great nation out of his seed. He then sent prophets to warn mankind to change from their wicked ways as well as to prepare the way for the Messiah. God then through the process of time sent his only begotten Son Jesus to be born in the world to die for the sins of the world whom God then raised from the dead.

We believe that the only way to salvation is through repentance and then to believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Once one has accepted Christ as their personal Savior, they then receive the gift of the Holy Spirit as well as the free gifts of Justification and Sanctification. We believe that we have a responsibility unto God to be good stewards over our Time, Talent, Treasure, and Temple in such a way that would honor Him and give Him glory.

We believe that God has given us the Bible, His Holy Word, as a guide for us to live by and to govern ourselves. We believe that the Bible is truth without error and is God’s Holy Word. We believe that God’s Word is the final authority and that we are to live by its laws, rights, precepts, and enjoy its privileges.

We believe that since we are saved it is now our obligation to serve the Lord through praise, worship, giving, and spreading the good news of the Gospel to the world so that all mankind can be saved. We now embrace the opportunity to serve God both in the sanctuary and throughout the world.


We believe that God has called us to be active both socially and civically in the affairs of the world. We believe that God wants us to influence our family and friends to join us in submission to His holy work. We also consider it a privilege to partner with God in the redeeming of mankind and bringing peace and harmony to the world. `

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