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Minister Scott

Minister Scott heeded to her calling into the ministry and confessed it before her hometown church in November 2013. She preached her first sermon in January 2015 under the leadership of her Pastor, Rev. Bradlen J. Holden.


Minister Scott has been a member of the Antioch Baptist Church #2 since childhood. She has been a member of the well-known group, Deacon Pete & the Scott Sisters for over 27 years. Her previous positions at Antioch has been the Youth Department and Youth Choir Director. She is the current VBS Director, the lead teacher of our Women Ministry Team and the Daughter of the House at Antioch.  


Minister Scott has been blessed with three children, Huey, Shealetta and Samiah. And one grandchild, Iyana. She is an alumna of Pleasant Hill High School and is a current employee there also, working in the field she takes pride in, cooking.

She says "I am not perfect, but I am Willing".

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